Real Estate Agency & Brokerage Standards (REABS)

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Danos / An alliance member of BNP PARIBAS REAL ESTATE follows and works according to the professional and ethical standards published by the Real Estate Agency & Brokerage Standards (REABS).

The RICS Real Estate Agency and Brokerage Standards which are effective from July 2011 represent the commitment of the RICS to raising standards in land, property and construction.  Ethics, protection and expertise – these are the values at the heart of RICS new international code which outlines how brokers and real estate agents conduct their business.

From country to country, there is enormous variation in regulations and government licensing which outline how brokers and estate agents operate. With continuing globalization and many companies now conducting cross-border real estate transactions, RICS saw the need for a common set of global standards which apply to this area of the property profession.  At the same time the standards allow members flexibility to take account of local legislation and market practice, eg licensing laws, minimum academic requirements etc.

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